Bachmann #15207 Virginia & Truckee Combine Car

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Bachmann #15207 Virginia & Truckee Old-Time Coach with Rounded-End Clerestory Roof. Yellow/Green. This Bachmann Silver Series(R) ready-to-run Old-Time Wood Combine with Round-End Clerestory Roof is perfect for your 1860s and later steam-era passenger trains. Based on typical open-vestibule wood cars built between the 1860s and 1880s these are the cars used behind 4-4-0 American steam locomotives of the era and some operated into the early 20th century on smaller railroads. The combine featured a baggage-mail area and coach seating for a few passengers. A lightly-trafficked short-haul or branchline local could be operated with a locomotive and just this car, or run as a mixed train with a few freight cars ahead of it. This Old-Time Wood Combine features a finely decorated molded-plastic body with a rounded clerestory roof end, blackened metal wheels, body-mounted E-Z Mate(R) Mark II knuckle couplers and nonmagnetic axles.
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